We are a group of doujinshi fans who believe in quality localizations of Japanese comics.

We believe that hentai has just as much artistic merit as mainstream manga, and we believe that fans deserve professional localizations of those works while simultaneously supporting the artists. We collaborate directly with the authors and work on their original art files, and create localized works on which we are proud to place our names.

That is what motivates us: supporting the artists whose work we enjoy so much, and the fulfillment making works from great artists available to their Western fans. We hope that for every doujinshi we release, Japanese artists and Western readers alike will look at our works and honestly feel that this is the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

This is SHIKIMAYA — the way doujinshi is meant to be enjoyed.

Illustration by Dodo Fuguri (Shindou)

from “Mating with Oni: Daughter Chapter”

Valuing communication

with artists

We understand how difficult it is to be a manga artist in Japan. We also understand the apprehension Japanese artists feel at bringing their works over to a Western audience. When we work with Japanese artists, we want them to know that we respect them. We believe in forming bonds of trust with our artists, and this trust allows us to become their voice in the West.

We don’t believe in just selling doujinshi for artists — we believe in sharing in their passion for their craft. We want artists to feel that they are welcome in the West, and that we value their work. We strive to create an atmosphere that makes Japanese artists feel comfortable that they can interact with their Western fans.

We take pride in the trust our artists place in us. Localization is more to us than just selling comics — it’s about building networks of trust and respecting the artists.

Illustration by DaHootch (ShindoL)

from “TSF Story APPEND 1.0”

Quality Localizations

What sets us apart from other localizing groups is our enthusiasm and passion for what we work on.

We communicate with the artists to get an idea of their original intent and use handwritten SFX and stylized fonts to faithfully recreate the expressiveness of the original work. Having the opportunity to work directly with artists combined with our motivation to recreate the artist’s intent in the English localization is what makes the quality of our doujinshi unparalleled.

Our dedication and passion comes through in the works we release. There’s nothing better than being able to work on your favorite artist’s work, and we know how important that is to our staff.

Illustration by Dodo Fuguri (Shindou)

from “Mating with Oni: Mother Chapter”

No black bars:

The way it’s meant

to be

We know — we hate black bars too, which is why all of our works are uncensored. We work with the original source files to restore them to their pre-censored format. When that is not possible, we work together with the artists to re-create the censored portions of the art together. Nowhere else can you find this level of collaboration to bring about a truly authentic, localized version of an artist’s work. The final product is an uncensored master — the way the original artist envisioned it to be.

Totally uncensored artwork, straight from the source. This is the way H is meant to be enjoyed.

Illustration by Dodo Fuguri (Shindou)

from “Mating with Oni: Daughter Chapter”

Featured Artists

We are proud to be collaborating directly with artists to bring their unique content to the West. Here a few artists who we have worked with in past projects, and are continuing to work with to bring out even more content!

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